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OmniVu’s® main business is providing consumers and  industry with a definitive identity verification,  enrollment and monitoring solution unmatched by current competitors. Our flagship product, the uVu® (, is a "smart" online biometric registration system which has proprietary technology that enables consumers and industry to realize the full potential of scientifically identifying, enrolling and monitoring consumers in real-time at their computer device. OmniVu's® system of gathering, identifying, authenticating, registering, monitoring, tracking, analyzing and storing  biometric data on a mass scale takes online security to the next level.

The uVu® is a Ubiquitous Definitive Real-time Online Identity Verification, enrollment and monitoring solution with the most layers of security available to users for free.

The uVu® technology defines how biometric verification systems make the transition to the world of eCommerce with mass consumer appeal. Therefore, we believe that our true competitors have yet to arrive on the commercial scene. However, in evaluating the online identity verification solutions, we consider as possible competitors, the established verification systems such as those used for online financial transactions. Although similar in purpose and direction, these outlets lack scientific authentication in scope and faculties to provide the accountability and advanced functionality of the uVu® on a mass scale.

Another noteworthy aspect of the competition is the type of technology and scale of their deployment. All of the known verification technologies use rudimentary technologies deployed as vulnerable verification solutions on established web sites and in some cases there exists a conflict of interest whereby their cross platforms and business model(s) may financially benefit from any vulnerabilities. Only OmniVu®, has the independent vision, business model and advanced cost-effective technology in the uVu® to implement a major deployment as a full-blown consumer identity verification, enrollment and monitoring solution on a massive scale whereby success is measured by an environment of propriety and accuracy first then quantity.

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Marketing Campaign:

Let next November signify the fifth annual "National Online Identity Solutions & Enrollment" (NOISE) month in preparation for the upcoming holiday shopping season to aid in preventing ID/identity theft and credit card fraud. Make NOISE in November a priority!


President Obama signed into law, Executive Order (EO) 13636 “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” and Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) 21 “Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience”.

Additionally, President Obama  signed into law, Executive Order  (EO) 13681 "Improving the Security of Consumer Financial Transactions".

The uVu® is effectively the first Ubiquitous Definitive Real-time Online Identity Verification, enrollment and monitoring solution to comply with the identity authentication tenants of these bold new initiatives.