What is OmniVu's position on maintaining privacy?

I want to take a moment to make very clear our policy on data privacy, which is fundamental to our commitment to both users and subscriber clients. OmniVu has a strict policy prohibiting all employees and contractors at every level from accessing a user or subscriber clients data. The only exception to this policy is for a limited set of legitimate business purposes. Our policy has been communicated to all employees and contractors.

Examples of legitimate business purposes for appropriate members of the OmniVu team include:

A. Supporting user or subscriber clients in order to solve problems brought to their attention by the uVu community.

B. Manually facilitating identity verification process for user or subscriber clients.

C. Monitoring user and subscriber clients accounts for fraudulent activity and following up on possible identity fraud reports.

D. Reviewing specific user and subscriber clients accounts in order to troubleshoot problems.

The objective of OmniVu's privacy policy is that access to user and subscriber client accounts is being closely monitored and audited by data security specialists on an ongoing basis, and any violations of the policy will result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of termination and legal action.

OmniVu’s business depends on the trust of the user and subscriber clients that use our technology and platform. The session use history of our user and subscriber clients is confidential information, and OmniVu protects this data from internal and external unauthorized access. As the company continues to grow, we will continue to be transparent about our policy and ensure that it is thoroughly understood by our employees and contractors.



OmniVu's® mission is to protect consumers and industry with greater real-time on-line security using authenticated government identity verification.

Definitive Real-time  Online identity Verification is in great demand for use in the protection of underage consumers from exposure to adult content to conducting eCommerce. OmniVu® developed an infrastructure and method which provides the greatest security that rewards consumers.

OmniVu® too, endeavors to prevent fraud in online financial transactions and identity theft that costs billions of dollars to banks, merchants and consumers each year. Increasing demand by businesses to know their customers is driving a new way of conducting online commerce.


OmniVu® is a member of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group. (IDESG)


"The IDESG is the source of expertise, guidance, best practices and tools for trusted digital identities. We are the only place where all identity policy influencers work together - public and private sector, industry and academia - to shape the future of online identity."


OmniVu® has established a collaborative research partnership with the Cascade Lab within the Computer Science Department at the University of Illinois - Urbana/Champaign.


"Our research lies at the intersection of cognitive science, AI, and human-computer interaction. In general, we are interested in applying knowledge of the human mind to inform design of intelligent systems and interfaces."

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